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Companies Made Easy are the team that you can call on for fast and efficient compliance and company secretarial duties.


If your company or close corporation has been deregistered, we can assist you in the reinstatement of the registration number and the entity’s return to the CIPC Register for active entities.
A requisite of the CIPC for reinstatement is the company must have been trading or hold property or other assets such as intellectual property.


From share transfers to share re-acquisitions to new share class creations; increasing or decreasing your company’s authorised share capital; or converting par value shares to shares of no par value we will ensure your company’s records are complete.

Each set of documents will be of a high standard and comply with the requirements as set out in the Act and to ensure smooth processing through the CIPC where ever necessary


Due on the anniversary of the registration date for a company or close corporation each year. This return and its accountability supplement are compulsory for every entity, whether trading or in a state of dormancy.

If not submitted for two consecutive years, the CIPC will deem the company to be non-compliant and institute processes to remove it from the active Register. We run a system for our clients that ensures these returns are submitted on time and with data in accordance with the requirements of the Act and the CIPC being recorded at each submission.


We will not only register your company, but also provide a set of documents showing the relevant details of your company such as authorised share capital, issued shares, chairperson/representative director, and SARS Public Officer.

You will have your registration certificate and company number and everything needed to open a bank account as well as a detailed register and share certificates for each shareholder.


We provide your company with the documentation needed to correctly record decisions made or resolutions passed by your board and/or shareholders.

A set of documents of a high standard that comply with the Act, and wherever necessary also take into consideration the intricacies of CIPC submission requirements, will be presented for each decision or resolution passed.


  • Whether you’re converting your old Memo and Articles to a Memorandum of Incorporation; amending the financial year end; changing the registered name for your company or close corporation; or for a process as simple as updating the business registered address we can assist.
  • We present you with a set of documents that are complete and in accordance with the requirements of the Act.


The change in legal status from CC to PTY will be made easy and will run smoothly, leaving you to run your business whilst we attend to all the required documentation.

Once completed we will provide you with the documents to present to the bank, SARS or any other third party players


  • We will ensure your company’s records and its register comply with the requirements of the Companies Act, and that they continue to comply as and when the departments that manage the Act change their requirements.
  • Any details that need to be updated will be supported by resolutions for proper record keeping.


  • Whether it is the appointment or resignation of a director, the loss of a director through death or the removal of a delinquent director, we ensure your company’s CIPC register and statutory file will have the correct core documents and resolutions in place.

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